Blue Terminal Energy Data Visualization and Analytics works to increase access to the world’s energy data. We combine state-of-the-art software and a global network of domain specific experts to solve complex challenges in understanding and communicating your energy information. Our work concentrates on framing your presentations of energy data to enable quick and effective decisions.





We’ll help you highlight trends in production, extraction, productivity, or profitability through our focus on communicating energy data contextually and accurately. 

Our team will parse and analyze your data through four key steps:



We begin every project by collecting and understanding the full scope of information required for a successful presentation. We intake and reference your proprietary data sets and source hard-to-find publicly available data from our own libraries to create the best context for your communication objectives. 


Using our specialized plugins, database library and honed expertise, we are able to extend usability and versatility of your data across units of measurement, time or currency, allowing you to find and compare contexts that would otherwise be unclear. 


As we work with you to understand your communication objectives, our team hand-selects the most impactful ways to efficiently communicate and visualize your data. Unlocking meaning and value in your data goes beyond colours and fonts, knowing which graphing technique will allow you to find your desired answers is our expertise. 


Modern business demands visualizations and presentations that are effective, engaging and beautiful in any format. We use a mixture of custom built software and cutting edge services to display your data in a wide variety of contexts to suit your needs.





The Blue Terminal portfolio features client engagements, academic research and media analysis. See it here.





We are passionate about energy and natural resources. We are devoted to accuracy and clarity. Our mixture of expertise and skills offers fluency and design capabilities that are currently unmatched in the challenging area of natural resource visualization.


Gregor Macdonald

Gregor Macdonald has created investment analysis products for investors since 2008. He has written on the topics of oil, coal, natural gas, solar, and nuclear power for the Financial Times, The Economist Intelligence Unit, and the Petroleum Economist. He is currently the Editor of, a monthly eBook covering the trends and relevant data in the global energy sector. He speaks regularly to audiences on the subject of energy transition, and is a strong believer in empirical, data driven analysis.





Justin Ritchie

Justin Ritchie is a research analyst and broadcast journalist who works on data motivated inquiries into energy and financial systems at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability in Vancouver, BC. 







Blue Terminal is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. 



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